Planning Your Next Trip

Aren’t we always longing for a vacation? Idyllic days, blissful sleepy nights, and a non-existent work life. Simply dreaming about a vacation like this can brighten a dreary day in office.

However, there are several people out there who quiver at the very thought of leaving their cul-de-sac. Anxiety brought upon by the prospect of travel is a disorder that plagues a sizable chunk of the population. The degrees of despair may vary, however, what remains common is the abhorrence for either the journey, or the idea of having a change of scenery. Whether for work or for pleasure, travel becomes a drudgery that needs to be avoided at all costs.

Travel anxiety as a disorder is something many choose to live with, just because it may be possible for them. However, avoiding it altogether is not something to be recommended. Instead, making attempts to get over this fear can give an unmatched sense of accomplishment to the individual, and raise his/her level of confidence.
Tips to Deal With Travel Anxiety
Listed below are a few tips that may come to your aid the next time you set out on a journey. So, take a deep breath, let the calmness take over, and begin reading…

As someone suffering from travel anxiety, it is very easy to keep postponing your travel plans with whatever excuses you can muster up. You can pretend to be ill, or even go underground, but remember that you are simply letting your fear overpower you and live rent-free in your mind forever.
terrified passenger on plane
So what can I do?
Firstly, stop thinking of travel in a negative sense. The more you delay it, the further your fears multiply. Why build up a sky scraper of fears, when you can just go where ever you have to, and be done with it? Easier said than done, right?
worried anxious man
Wrong. To begin with, you just have to picture the impending trip in your head. Imagine that you’re packing, taking the transport, living away from home, and eventually coming back. Keep focusing on how important your trip is, and how you will benefit from it. Remove all negative associations with travel.