Company Picnic to Adventure Plus

3Adventure was the keyword this time. We had planned an outing to Adventure Plus, one of the largest adventure sports park around and one of its kind. The date was finalized and we were all set to travel to our picnic destination – Adventure Plus.

The day began and ended… adventurously. And as I sat to pen down my observations of the day, I realized I didn’t have many! No observations this time; probably because there was much more involvement. It often so happens that you begin to observe things you can’t be part of. How can you observe something you are very much a part of? You cannot. Perhaps, something similar happened with me. I didn’t observe much. I was involved. Hence what follows is going to be an account of my involvement, not observation. Well, there were some instances when I came out of the picture to observe it.

Journey Begins
After that bit of deviation which is allowed, here I begin, an account of our company picnic to Adventure Plus. We started off at around 8.30 am (we were asked to report to office at 7.00 am, which

Adventure to Vacation

2Instead of opting for a long vacation once a year, try and travel to different destinations for mini vacations a couple of times a year to rejuvenate yourself. If you and your family members are outdoorsy people, you may want to look at hiking trails which can be the perfect activity for a weekend getaway.
Doesn’t the idea of taking five short trips a year sound more appealing than one long vacation that has you cribbing at the end of it about going back to a 9 – 5 routine? Mini vacations are the best antidotes for the stress that most jobs and life in general comes with. It is not easy to identify destinations for mini vacations as time is a huge constraint in a small trip. We can help you with tips that you need to keep in mind while choosing these destinations.
We also help you with a variety of activities that can define which places qualify as the best mini vacation spots. Holidays and vacations are periods dedicated to the Gods of relaxation and rest. While taking trips to destinations that have been endorsed

Essential Tips to Starting Travel

A picture is worth a thousand words!
A travel blog without photos is not attractive. Each post needs to be accompanied with at least one spectacular photograph so that people have the visual reference corresponding with your textual description right there.
There are two things that you need to keep in mind before starting your travel blog. Firstly, start a travel blog only and only if you travel. Don’t take information from the Internet and write articles based on that. Only travel blogs with firsthand information are trusted. See the place yourself and then write about it. It makes a huge difference. Secondly, you need to have some concrete experience in traveling to start a blog. You’ll end up making too many mistakes otherwise. Having said that, we’ll now start with 12 great tips for starting your own travel blog.
1. Write down your reasons for starting the blog.

Why is it that you want to start a travel blog? The reasons can be several. Maybe you want to keep your friends updated about your travels (in case you’re traveling frequently), you want to help fellow travelers to travel smarter, or you want to jubilantly discuss the beauties of

Italy Travel Tips

It is said that any trip to Europe is incomplete without a trip to Italy! So, various Italy travel tips mentioned in this article will be helpful to you in making your journey more memorable and hassle free!
You won’t be the same traveler any more once you visit Italy, for it is a country that will change your perception about beauty and architectural magnificence. It is a country that has amazingly fabricated its traditional lifestyle and culture with the modern-day developments. From the arts of Renaissance in Venice, to the exquisite mix of food, culture, music, fashion and glamor, Italy is a dream destination for any travel freak. Numerous Italy facts are bound to leave you in awe about this beautiful country.

Italy Travel Advice

Planning for Italy travel requires you to focus on several aspects of budget travel so that you’re able to enjoy your Italy tour without any worries. Of course, you won’t enjoy a single moment in such a beautiful country, if you’re not planning your journey properly. Don’t forget the following tips:

The peak tourist season in Italy is June – September. Hence, you can book your tickets to fly for this country either during

Safety Tips for Traveling Abroad

Traveling to a foreign country is exciting as well as risky. The reasons for excitement and risk are the same – new places, new people, etc. If you are planning to make a foreign trip in the near future and do not want to become a victim of violence or face unwanted situations, difficulties, read through the following article to know some safety tips for traveling abroad.
Traveling abroad can be for various reasons like leisure, business conference, wedding or any other personal cause. Out of the above occasions, it is only for a vacation that you have plenty of packing time since you plan it well in advance. Other occasions, generally, come as a surprise. Though these occasions are sudden, you should not skip the factor of safety in your trip. For a vacation, you can think what stuff to carry and what should be left at home. But, have you ever thought what should you do to make your travel trip safe as well as fun. If you stay calm and think wisely while planning for a trip abroad, you can be assured of a safe and enjoyable international trip.

What to Do Before Leaving?

Safety begins

Travel Planner Templates

Travel planner templates help to organize your holiday or business trip, so that you don’t forget anything and your vacation or trip is smooth running. To know more about them, read on…
Planning an annual holiday with your family or a camping trip with friends is not an easy job. In fact, it can be a stressful experience for some, as you’ve got to pay attention to many things at the same time. Of course, now that you’ve decided you want to holiday, chosen the destination and fixed the dates when you’re going to start and return, you have to rearrange your work schedule accordingly, book the tickets if you’re going by plane, or send your car for servicing if you’re going to drive down. Also, you also need to figure out where you can keep your pets while you’re gone. In short, you need to plan a lot in the few days before your vacation or trip. A travel planner is a good way to make sure that all the things you want to do fit in with clockwork precision before your vacation starts. Not only that, you can note down all the activities you would

How to Plan an Adventure Trip

The Indigenous Amazon
It is believed that the Amazon rainforest is home to more than 50 indigenous communities that have never been in any sort of contact with the outside world.
The Amazon is the second longest river in the world after Nile, and its basin, which is also a marvel in itself, spans across eight countries. These include Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, and Suriname, apart from the little overseas territory of France, viz., French Guiana. The Amazon rainforest, also known as the Amazon Jungle, covers most of the area occupied by the Amazon Basin in South America, and is undeniably the largest forest on our planet. It is a dense, moist, broadleaved jungle that supports such an unparalleled and varied ecosystem and offers such countless possibilities that at times, it almost seems like a fantastical dream―a folkloric region that boasts of near mythical inhabitants and happenings. But what really holds an element of mystique is the river itself; the majestic Amazon keeps on displaying its power and might from time to time.

The Amazon rainforest, as mentioned before, is the region of countless possibilities. It has so much to offer to the adventure-seekers that there

Southwest Airlines Carry on Rules

Southwest Airlines Co. is an affordable American airline, with its headquarters in Dallas Love Field, Texas. It is the largest airline in the world, with regard to its number of frequent passengers. It handles more than 3,200 flights everyday, and carries the most number of passengers than any other US-based airline, availing both international and domestic travel.

The Boeing 737 makes it majorly convenient for passengers to fly within the country, or away from it. Every airline company has their own set of rules when it comes to flying. Airline travel restrictions are what many of us are familiarized with, and which we further delve into here.

Carry on Rules for on board Luggage

Carry on luggage is what you can take with you when one steps into the plane, with certain carry on restrictions. These can either be handbags, duffel bags or mini trolley suitcases, but nothing larger than these.

At the security checks, your shoes will be inspected before you can fly. It is advisable to wear flip-flops/slip on shoes to avoid having to create a hassle in removing them and then placing them back on.

Luggage Durability
When buying luggage, make sure that what you decide to bring on

Last Minute Air Travel Tips

Richard had been working continuously for 5 years, and he longed to enjoy some time of peace and quiet. Every evening he stared at the computer screen longing to walk around the monument located on the banks of a river and found in the pages of history. He wanted to wear colorful attire and take photographs with the snake charmers. There was so much he wanted to do but did not have the heart to ask his superior if his holiday request had been granted. As he sat staring at the computer screen, mesmerized, he heard the phone ring. He picked up the receiver and said, “Thank you.” Then, he switched off the computer screen and picked up his cell phone to call his travel agent.

There are many people like Richard who are caught up with everyday demands of life and no matter how many times they make a plan it never seems to work out. Well if you are one of them, you can stop worrying as here are some tips that will help you save money and have a safe flight too.

A Few Important Tips

As soon as you are sure that you are taking that much

Destinations Specially for Women

is quite a well-known saying and holds true to many people. A woman is often caught in multiple responsibilities, which hardly allows her to take a break and breathe. However, many women (young or old) are taking interest in having some adventure and unusual vacations, as it allows them to understand their potential and reignite the mind. The trip gets even more interesting if she is accompanied by her other female counterparts. So, if you want to add some fun, challenge, risk and some adventure, here a few adventurous ideas that you can choose from.

Yellowstone National Park
A great adventure place, Yellowstone National Park offers the pleasure of hiking and long treks. Yellowstone has millions of visitors every year. Hence, it has many interesting and challenging activities that makes the visitors come back. Visitor center, Norris Geyser Basin Museum, Fishing Bridge, Grant village and Albright are some of the visitor centers build for the tourists. There is also an option of taking up a Yellowstone Park wildlife tour, which includes a guide service, vans and boats to allow you a closer look at the wildlife in Yellowstone.

Colorado River Rafting
As per the website of Adventure Women, their exciting

Family Adventure Vacation

If you realize that it has been long since you have been on a holiday with your family, here’s something for you. If you and your family members are of the adventurous type, an adventure outing could be a good choice for your vacation. You might like to go hiking to someplace less visited, or engage in extreme sports. You might want to enjoy a forest trail and explore the wild, or go family camping by the riverside. The options are plenty. It’s you who makes the choice.


If hiking in the hilly regions and walking in the wilds is something you enjoy doing, go trekking. Weather conditions and topography must be taken into account before planning a trek. If you are a trekker, you will love to explore the Himalayan regions in India. The Andes in South America is another popular destination for trekking. Alaska’s autumn forests, the rainforests of Australia and Africa, and the Kilimanjaro range in Africa offer some of the top trekking destinations. The Ladakh range in India, High Sierra in California, Mount Kenya, and the Swiss Alps are some other tourist destinations that are largely visited by trekkers from around the world. There are

How Far in Advance to Buy Airline Tickets

Vacations no doubt can be costly affairs. It is not uncommon to see that we exceed our budget by a huge margin, when we go on a vacation. Therefore, it makes sense that we try to save as much as we can, where avenues present themselves. One of the areas, where one can save is on airline tickets. If one is planning a vacation in advance, then it makes sense to buy airline tickets in advance. That leads to the question, how many days in advance should one buy airline tickets? It is often seen that airlines hike their prices, closer to the departure date. Therefore, the days just prior to departure date are not the safest bet.

How Far in Advance to Buy Airline Tickets to Get the Best Price

The answer to when to buy airline tickets is anywhere between 60 to 21 days prior to the departure. Often, approximately 60 days before the scheduled departure the cost of the tickets is slashed. Therefore, it is best to buy around the said time. Till 21 days before the departure the tickets are on the cheaper side. The cost starts increasing, as the travel date approaches.

At this point, I

Planning Your Next Trip

Aren’t we always longing for a vacation? Idyllic days, blissful sleepy nights, and a non-existent work life. Simply dreaming about a vacation like this can brighten a dreary day in office.

However, there are several people out there who quiver at the very thought of leaving their cul-de-sac. Anxiety brought upon by the prospect of travel is a disorder that plagues a sizable chunk of the population. The degrees of despair may vary, however, what remains common is the abhorrence for either the journey, or the idea of having a change of scenery. Whether for work or for pleasure, travel becomes a drudgery that needs to be avoided at all costs.

Travel anxiety as a disorder is something many choose to live with, just because it may be possible for them. However, avoiding it altogether is not something to be recommended. Instead, making attempts to get over this fear can give an unmatched sense of accomplishment to the individual, and raise his/her level of confidence.
Tips to Deal With Travel Anxiety
Listed below are a few tips that may come to your aid the next time you set out on a journey. So, take a deep breath, let the calmness

How to Plan a Trip to Australia

While planning an international trip, many people are under the misconception that it is a difficult task and they can’t carry it on their own. In fact, when you follow the correct path and learn about how the entire process works, you can travel anywhere across the world, without any inhibitions. Same can be said about getting your Australian travel plans in motion. Of course, there are certain crucial details that should be taken care of, but that’s the fun part of it. Learning the process of how an international trip is carried out is educational and exciting. So if you are ready to travel to Australia (and that too with little glitches on the way), keep reading this article.

Planning a Fantastic Vacation to Australia

It is needless to say that you want to learn how to plan a successful trip to Australia, and that too with as little to do as possible. Am I right? Well, in order to get started, there are certain practical requirements that every international travel includes – visa, customs, flight and hotel reservations, driver’s license, traveling inside Australia (deciding which places to visit), money exchange, and shopping. All these things need to be

Planning a Family Vacation

Grand Canyon with its beautiful rock formations and the deep blue Colorado river is considered to be a natural wonder. With extensive opportunities to explore the Canyon all round the year, it is nature lover’s paradise. However, there are certain suggestions that need to be considered before you embark on your journey. This Buzzle article will help you plan a hindrance-free Grand Canyon family vacation.

Planning the Vacation

Planning the Route
Grand Canyon can be ascended from three sides, viz. the southern rim, the northern rim and the western side. The northern rim is a lot steeper and popular with explorers, hikers, young couples and all those who value tranquility. While the southern rim is popular for family vacations. You might want to view the Canyons from the southern rim if you are not a very good hiker or have young children with you.

Hotel Bookings
Grand Canyon is full of activity all round the year. Summers happen to be the peak visiting time while winters might be slack and a bit more peaceful. However, if you want to spend at least a couple of days in the Grand Canyon area, then you might have to get a confirmed hotel reservation

Travel Agent Salary

It is said that you can learn more by traveling a mile than reading 100 pages of a book. Today, we have many travel agents who assist in planning our trips for just a small commission. How much do they get? Is it a lucrative career option? Read through this article to know more about this career.
There are a variety of travel agents who offer specialized services in air, sea, and rail travel. Their salary depends on a lot of variables, like their area of expertise, services that they offer, the employer, and work location.

Pay Range

Travel agents are employed by travel agencies, airlines, tour operators, cruise lines, and more. A recent survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics says that their average salary ranges from USD 29,000 to USD 45,000. The table presented here provides statistics based on the years of experience and the expected salary range.

Experience Pay Range
Less than 1 year USD 20,000 to 38,000
1 to 4 years USD 24,000 to 38,000
5 to 9 years USD 29,000 to 42,000
10 to 19 years USD 30,000 to 42,000
20 or more years USD 31,000 to 46,000

Some of the top paying states:
Washington, Virginia,

Airline Ticket Brokers

Airline ticket brokers can be a one-stop source for booking international and domestic flights. Read the following article to find some useful information regarding the same.
Thanks to the extensive and infinite universe of the World Wide Web that has changed our life, no longer are consumers required to stand in a long line or make long calls for booking sports passes, movie tickets, or most importantly, flight tickets. Introduction of online selling of tickets has made life easier for the common man. While airline firms have websites dedicated to such online bookings, in some situations even airline ticket brokers can come to our rescue. These individuals (for instance, travel agents) often provide cheap deals to consumers.

They can help you with your numerous travel plans and provide you detailed information about flight timings, stopovers, and help you plan vacations way ahead of the actual day on which you are traveling. So, in case you want effective planning for traveling in high-demand seasons or while traveling by low-cost airlines, you can take the help of one.


Some of the most popular airline ticket booking sites such as Priceline, Travelocity, and Expedia provide great facilities to consumers, in order to

How Does Sound Travel

When sound waves travel through a medium, the particles of the medium vibrate. Vibrations reach the ear and then the brain which senses them and we recognize sound. Read on for an explanation of how sound travels.
Sound is a series of compression and rarefraction waves that can travel long distances. It is produced by the vibration of the particles present in its medium; a medium is the material through which sound can travel. Presence of a medium is a must for the movement of sound waves. There are various types of medium through which sound waves can move like solids, liquids, gases, plasma, etc. Sound cannot travel through vacuum.

Characteristics of Sound Waves

The speed and the physical characteristics of sound largely varies with the change in its ambient conditions. The speed of sound depends on the density of the medium though which it is traveling. If its density is quite high, then sound would travel at a faster pace. When sound travels through gaseous medium, its speed varies with respect to changes in temperature.

The frequency of sound waves is nothing but the total number of vibrations that have been produced. The length of sound waves vary according

Visiting Korea Travel

People usually think of Korea in terms of fear of war, and a bizarre, mad dictator that runs the northern half of the peninsula. But as a tourist destination, Korea has a lot to offer. So ignore the hype, and pay a visit to ‘The Land of the Morning Calm’
When I tell people I live in South Korea, it is not uncommon for the response to be something like, “Sounds dangerous,” or “Isn’t it scary to live there?” Maybe it’s the thousands of artillery pieces aimed in my general direction, or the million hostile soldiers a stone’s throw away from where I live, that would make people think I am living under the constant fear of a war breaking out at any moment. But the truth is, after living here for three years, there isn’t anything much scary about this country, aside from cultural differences that still surprise me from time to time. Sure, war could break out here. On the same token, Russia could suddenly decide to launch a hundred nukes at the United States. Chances are, neither is going to happen any time soon. Life in South Korea is like life in most countries:

How to Open a Travel Agency

4Have you been working with the travel industry for some time and are now thinking of opening your own travel agency? Read the following article to gain an insight into some tips that would help you in starting this business.

The job of a travel agent is to interact with people and sell trips and holiday packages to them. If this sounds interesting and exciting to you, then you are fit for this role. You may be already working in such a company, but the thought of starting your own business may have crossed your mind several times. One can either rent a place to set it up or begin from his home itself. However, an important point to remember is that like any other business, starting a travel agency is not an easy task. It requires a lot of hard work and planning to run it successfully.

Before starting it, the most important thing to do is to research about the current market status, the options available to you, etc. The initial steps must be taken with great care and planning,